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Gymnastics Resources for Parents & Gymnasts

Home Conditioning

Try some of these home conditioning exercises to increase your strength. 
If your coach suggests that you need to strengthen a particular part of your body, scroll down to the appropriate section to find some great exercises!

Torso & Stomach Strength


         Lay in back with knees bent so feet touch the floor.  Cross arms over chest.  Use stomach muscles to pull shoulders off floor & chin toward ceiling in a curling motion.  Do sets of 10

Mini Leg Lifts

         Lay on back with arms out to sides or under hips to keep back straight.  Lift legs halfway up, then lower to hover just above floor without touching floor.  Do sets of 10.

Hollow Hold

         Lay on back, chin to chest, shoulders & feet lifted off floor while lower back presses into floor.  Reach fingers toward knees to help maintain position.  Use back, stomach, & rear muscles to hold hollow.  Do sets of 10 seconds, increasing to 30 seconds as strength increases.

Hollow Rocks

         Same as Hollow Hold, except rock back & forth.  Do sets of 10.


Back Strength

Superman Hold

         Lay on stomach, arms reach forward.  Arch back, lift legs & arms up.  Use back muscles to lift.  Do sets of 10 seconds, increasing to 30 seconds as strength increases.

Superman Rocks

         Same position as Superman Hold, except rock back & forth.  Do sets of 10.

Knee Rocks

         Lay on back with knees tucked into chest, arms out to sides.  Slowly rock knees from side to side, keeping as much of back on floor as possible (like windshield wipers).  One rock from side to side equals 1.  Do sets of 10.

Shoulder & Arm Strength

Handstand Hold

         Handstand with stomach on wall, touch chin on wall, body tight & stretched.  Hold for 10 seconds, increasing to 30 seconds as strength increases.

Pushup Position

         Balance on hands & feet in pushup position, body straight & tight, shoulders in front of wrists.  Gold for sets of 10 seconds.

Knee Pushups

         On hands & knees.  Keep rear tight.  Lower until chin touches floor.  Do sets of 10.


         Same as above, except on hands & feet.  Do sets of 10.

Clapping pushups

         Do sets of 10.

Piked Handstand Pushups

         Place legs on hip-height object (like a bed), hands on floor.  Bend at hips, but keep straight line from hands to hips.  Lower until forehead touches floor.  Do sets of 10.

Leg Strength

Balance on 1 Leg

         Stand tall with hands on hips.  Stand on 1 foot, keeping that leg straight.  Point toe of other foot on that ankle.  Use ankle muscles to control balance.  Hold for sets of 20 seconds on each leg.

Single Leg Toe Raises

         Same as above, except, rise up onto toes, then lower to heel.  Do sets of 10 on each leg.

Draw Alphabet with Feet

         Lay on back with feet in pike.  Keeping toes pointed & legs straight, use toe to write each letter of alphabet in the air.  Repeat on other foot.

Rebound Jumps in Place

         Stand tall with arms over head.  Use ankles to push off floor.  Jump high enough for toes to point in air.  Do sets of 20.

Step Ups

         Step up onto step, sofa, etc. with 1 leg straight.  Slowly lower back down to start position with front foot still on higher surface.  Do sets of 10 on each leg.

Wall Sits

         “Sit” against a wall, back on the wall, knees bent to perpendicular angle to floor, feet slightly in front of knees.  Hold for sets of 20 seconds.

Candlestick Jumps

         Roll back to candlestick position, then roll forward, tuck feet under rear, then jump straight up.  Keep arms by ears.  Do sets of 10.

Attempting any of the above exercises without professional supervision is done at your own risk.